Before the eve of Halloween, Courtney decides to teach Priscilla a lesson, unaware that it brings the attention of an old enemy of John Stranger.


Justin drove Courtney home where she was reflecting on everything that happened while telling her excited little brother Max that she'll try to get some time off to take him trick or treating. The next day in the cafeteria, the principal announces that the school's Halloween Dance Party was going to be on Friday and that the Miss Pumpkin Princess winner was Priscilla. As Justin is explaining to Courtney that the Pumpkin Princess was a tradition that is held every year, and at the end of the dance the princess is the only one who can break the pinata. Courtney takes a bite of her lunch, only to discover that it was filled with worms thanks to Priscilla.

Later that day at the Halloween store, Courtney is putting books away when she asks Elsa has ever been bullied. This causes Elsa to remember her past and reveal that she was home schooled by Stranger who she sees as a brother. Suddenly, Stranger popped up revealing he knows Courtney's little sandwich issue and gives her the means of achieving revenge on Priscilla.

The next night at the dance, Courtney, Justin, and a reluctant Elsa in Halloween costumes begin to put Courtney's plan into action. Before the big finale, they manage to put the contents of the canister Strange gave her into the pinata. Later on, Priscilla is crowned the Pumpkin Princess and begins to strike the pinata. After a few whacks, it breaks dropping candy and Egyptian cockroaches fall on Priscilla leading her to panic and fall into the Halloween dance cake. This leads to the audience laughing and Priscilla knowing full well that Courtney was behind it and plans to crush her to little bits. Meanwhile Revolta in her human disguise had her eye on Courtney and knows that Stranger gave her the key to the book. She knew all she had to do was wait for her chance to come to get the book.


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