John Stranger was a young Wiccan boy who was the apprentice of R.L.Stine as a writer. He followed with him until his death, but then became the guardian of the Book of Goosebumps. Once he passed on the reigns and legacy to Courtney, he became the mentor of her and the NightBumpers



in 1947 he was a apprentice of RL Stine helping him study and capturing supernatural creatures in the Book of Goosebumps an ancient eldritch tome created by the monster witch Revolta.

one day after Stine was creating Elsa ' Stine found out Revolta's plan with the book he entrusted Stranger to keep the book safe from her claws and took Elsa with him to America to be safe.

and threw out the 60 years He and Elsa went and hunted the Evil creatures that wanted the book for themselves

and hoping to find a successor for the book Stranger and Elsa settled down in Amityville Long Island New York and set up a Halloween Store as there base of operations.


Calm and a bit creepy in a way but Stranger is well meaning person with vast knowledge of the Supernatural world. He acts as a mentor and Father figure to Courtney teaching her about her new found powers.




Voice ActorEdit

Tobin Bell


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