Mara is the leader of the Xeno/human hybrid children of Midwich


  • Name: Mara
  • Age: 15
  • Hair: Silver White
  • Eyes: Steely Cobalt
  • Likes: Nothing
  • Dislikes: Nothing
  • Family:


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She is a cold and detached being. She sees only logic and cause, much like an emotionless robot. She doesn't see logic in emotion or empathy; she sees them as flaws of a doomed race. And so she looks down upon those who are less than her.

She seems to be disgusted with Sarah, as she has grown emotions unlike the others. Viewing her as flawed since she had never gained her 'mate'. However, she had grown fearful, something of which she denies completely, as Sarah has grown more powerful than her.

She also despises being in control by others, as she despises Revolta much considering she has her on a leash, and makes her experience pain; something of which she used to do to others that hurt her.






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