Monster Blood is a green substance that is similar to a mixture of Mars Mud and Silly Putty. In the Monster Blood canon, it has a spell put on it that makes it consume things (whether animate or inanimate) it envelopes. In addition, anything that consumes the Monster Blood will grow huge like a giant.


Asides from the ordinary Green Blood, there actually are also other variations of slime that are used in a similar fashion:

  • Purple Peanut Butter: which has the opposite as the original (Shrinks the consumer instead of enlarging him/her), It get's its name from it's color and peanut butter-like smell.
  • Blue Monster Blood: Which multiplies whenever it contacts water. Anything that consumes it multiplies and becomes meaner.
  • Vampirism Goo: (AKA Vampire in a Can) A red Monster Blood-like goo that turns whoever consumes it into a vampire.


it is revealed that Monster Blood has an expiration date, causing the magic to wear off. This is the only known way to defeat the Monster Blood.

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