Prince Khoru is the son of the crowned Pharoh Seti 1st, and guardian of the Book of the Dead. Murdered by the priest, Imhotep, he was brought back to life as a mummy, eternally guarding the City of the Dead, and becomes a trusted friend and ally of the NightBumpers


  • Name: Prince Khoru
  • Age: 3,016 (physical appearance of a sixteen year old)
  • Hair: Blackish gray
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Likes: Training, peace, keeping the City of the Dead in check, the Black Book not being disturbed, Hommus pizza
  • Dislikes: Failing in his mission, Imohtep awakening, the Black Book misused
  • Family: Seti 1st (father; deceased) Mother (unknown; deceased)





Khoru's Relationships


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