In Fever Swamp at night, a concert is going on with Amityville high school students partying and dancing to the music. Deeper into the swamp though, two teens are having sex when the girl hears something that sounds like a wolf. The boy says there hasn't been any wolves in the swamp in years when he is suddenly grabbed by a furry claw and pull into the dark leaving the girl scared stiff until blood fell on her. She discovers the body of her boyfriend torn apart by some kind of creature leading her to scream in fear, until the same claw as before grabs her and leaves her in the same condition.

At the Keller residence, Courtney wakes up from a dream where she was in a ball room with Justin kissing her and then goes to bite her neck when she awakens. She also wakes up Boogie who figures that she was dreaming about Justin which she denies and goes back to sleep. The next day, Courtney and Oogie arrive at Justin's place to discover his house is a two story blue house, but find him in a three story house with huge piles of junk around it behind the blue one. She and Boogie discover Justin working on a vehicle of sorts in the garage with materials around the junk yard. He reveals that the house they are in is the guest house, but since his aunt is always working, this became his workshop, and his home away from home. After they get comfortable, Courtney asks how Justin is adapting to the Kinsmir Blade. He says that he hasn't started practicing with it and he's been having dreams about battles long ago between vampires and werewolves and hearing the voice of the Kinsmir Blade talk about it's origin. Courtney reminds him that she and everyone else are there for him. They then change the subject by looking for something to watch on TV. They hear a news report of what happened in Fever Swamp leading them to head for Stranger's shop immediately.

At Stranger's shop, after informing him of what they heard, Stranger tells the group including Alex and Lilith that they will need to be more prepared this time around. He takes the group to the supply room, a room filled with all kinds of anti monster items for any occasion. The store is then visited by Leon Black who comes to get his usual orders of wolfsbane and locoweed which Elsa goes to get. He then starts hitting on Courtney until Justin arrives leading to an awkward silence between the two. Elsa arrives with the items for Leon who pays and leaves while continuing to hit on Courtney.

Elsewhere, an individual named Red Scarlet to told of the attack in Amityville and is sent to kill the werewolves there.

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