The next day at school, an announcement from the principal reveals that due to the attack in the swamp, a 7:30pm curfew has been put into affect by the police along with a reminder of the Thanksgiving Dance coming up.

Justin, Courtney, Alex, and Elsa talk about trying to find the wolf asking if Elsa remembers fighting it before with Stranger and Stine. She does remember fighting the wolf, but they never found out it's human form so it could be anyone. Elsa starts talking about how's she enjoying her school life aside from not knowing how to handle guys blushing around her when Leon arrives to flirt with Courtney again. Justin stops him by reminded him how everyone calls him the Big Bad Wolf due to him going after every girl he sees. This leads to Leon bringing up the fact the he and Justin used to be friends back in elementary school before Leon joined the jocks. Leon then tries to peg Justin as being gay for wearing a bracelet which is really the Kinsmir Blade.

Courtney managed to split them up before a fist fight broke out between the two of them just in time for the substitute teacher Mr. Isaac to arrive and start class. He asks the class if anyone of them has heard the legend of Fever Swamp. Leon does and tells the class that the Fever Swamp was a beautiful place before it was stripped and polluted by man. The workers were then attacked by what survivors described as a half man half dog that was summoned by angry spirits and the swamp has been abandoned ever since. The class is silent from that when Mr. Isaac asks the class what they know about werewolves, which is answered by Courtney that they can be made by other werewolves or a curse while Leon says the only way to kill a werewolf is to disconnect the head from the heart with silver. The bell than rang for the next class.

In cooking class, Lillith is preparing another batch of cookies to charm Justin while Leon is in gym class where he hears rumors that Justin and Courtney are dating. This angers Leon and begins planning a way to split Justin from Courtney.

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