At the end of the day, the group begins to gather their things from their locker when Lilith tackles Justin in an attempt to flirt and kiss him. Only to put her lips on Boogie leading to an argument over Justin between Courtney and Lilith. Before Lilith can give Justin her fresh cookies filled with a love potion, the group is approached by Mr. Isaac who asks Courtney how she knows so much about monsters from what he has been hearing around the school. She tells him that she works at a book store with a wide verity of books. He says he'll have to take a look at the store when he gets the chance. The group doesn't trust him due to hinting he knows about the Book of Goosebumps. Courtney keeps them on track of what they have to focus on, finding the werewolf in Fever Swamp.

That night, the group arrive in their new vehicle that Justin was working on, the Cerberus. The group began to equip themselves with silver equipped close ranged weapons that Justin made with what little time he had. They then split up with Lilith and Elsa checking the old oil rig factory, and Justin, Courtney, and Oogie looked around the swamp to track the werewolf, and Leon volunteered to watch the Cerberus. As they continued through the forest, Courtney's group was unaware that a red cloaked figure was following them in the trees. As they continued, Courtney asked why Justin didn't seem to mind Lilith's advances on him which lead to Justin finding out Courtney hugged him after he was knocked unconscious during the Haunted Mask incident. This caused an awkward silence between the two as they reflect on their feelings for one another in their minds until they hear a wolf's howl. They follow the howl to find Leon in the swamp. Before he can answer what he was doing there, the were wolf arrives, and prepares to attack the teens and boogie monster.

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